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FSBO Part 7: Post-Sale Tips for a Smooth Transition

tips for after closing on a houseCongratulations on successfully selling your home as a FSBO! As you embark on your new journey, it's essential to focus on a smooth transition and tie up any loose ends. In Part 7 of our blog series, we'll share some post-sale tips to ensure a seamless transition after closing.


1. Forward Your Mail:

Contact the post office to set up mail forwarding to your new address. This will ensure that you receive any mail that may still be sent to your old address during the transition.


2. Notify Important Parties:

Inform important parties of your change of address, including banks, credit card companies, insurance providers, and other relevant institutions. This will ensure that all important documents and information reach you at your new location.


3. Cancel Utilities and Services

Coordinate with utility companies to cancel services at your old property on the closing date. Likewise, arrange for the setup of utilities and services at your new home before moving in.


4. Organize Your Move

Plan and organize your move to your new home. If you need assistance, consider hiring professional movers to ensure a stress-free transition.


5. Transfer School Records

If you have children, notify their schools of your move and arrange for the transfer of their school records to their new school.


6. Update Your Driver's License and Vehicle Registration

Update your driver's license and vehicle registration with your new address at the local Department of Motor Vehicles.


7. Change Your Voter Registration

Update your voter registration with your new address to ensure you can vote in your new community.


8. Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Take some time to explore your new neighborhood and get familiar with nearby amenities, schools, parks, and community resources.


9. Celebrate Your New Beginning

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Take the opportunity to celebrate your new beginning and make cherished memories in your new space.


We hope this blog series has been informative and empowering as you navigated the FSBO process. Remember, if you ever need assistance with buying or selling a home in the future, TBT Homes is here to support you. Congratulations once again, and best wishes for a wonderful future in your new home!

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