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FSBO Part 4: Preparing Your FSBO Home for Inspections

preparing home for inspectionWelcome back to our FSBO blog series! In Part 3, we explored the art of negotiating to help you secure the best deal for your FSBO sale. Now, let's focus on another crucial aspect of the selling process: preparing your home for inspections.


1. Conduct a Pre-Inspection

Consider hiring a professional home inspector to conduct a pre-inspection before listing your home. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of your home's condition and allow you to address any potential issues in advance.


2. Make Necessary Repairs

Based on the pre-inspection report, prioritize and make any necessary repairs or improvements. Addressing these issues proactively can prevent potential buyers from negotiating the price down during their own inspections.


3. Clean and Declutter

Create a welcoming environment for inspections by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering your home. A well-maintained and clutter-free space will leave a positive impression on potential buyers.


4. Enhance Curb Appeal

First impressions matter! Boost your home's curb appeal by tidying up the front yard, adding fresh landscaping, and ensuring your home's exterior is in tip-top shape.


5. Prepare Documentation

Gather all relevant documentation, including warranties, manuals for appliances, and proof of any recent repairs or upgrades. Having this information readily available can instill confidence in potential buyers.


6. Allow Sufficient Time

Be flexible when scheduling inspections to accommodate potential buyers' preferences. Allowing sufficient time for inspections can help buyers feel more at ease and avoid rushed decisions.


7. Be Present or Provide Access

During inspections, you have the option to be present to answer any questions or provide access to the property. Alternatively, you can arrange for a lockbox system to allow easy access for the inspector and potential buyers.


8. Prepare for Feedback

Be prepared to receive feedback from the inspection. If any issues arise, consider whether you are willing to make further concessions or negotiate repairs with potential buyers.


By proactively preparing your home for inspections, you can demonstrate its value and create a positive experience for potential buyers. In our next blog post, we'll discuss the final steps to successfully closing your FSBO sale. Stay tuned!

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